Change is Coming: Do you still remember the first time?

Countdown to the GCDC!

Three different packages arrived for me today. All cloth diapers, nearly 10 in all – Cluebebe and a long delayed shipment from QB. Some to be given as gifts, the rest for the Bear.

Ano pong dadalhin natin na diapers bukas?” J, our kasambahay and nanny asked me, referring to the Great Cloth Diaper Change happening tomorrow morning. I told her I will think about it. She took one look at the latest delivery, fluffmail in CD parlance, and added: “Lalabhan ko na ba po itong lahat?” I smiled, mentally counted the stack of cloth diapers in our cabinet and said there was no need, at least not yet.

First time to try Quigle Bum. Cluebebe (the sheep) in photo as well.

Maybe I have a bit too much already, I told myself, it’s time to slow down or stop. Ah, there was one more coming in the mail. Maybe in a week, maybe more. But before there was one too many, I only had one.

I’m not counting here the one or two cloth diapers I picked up randomly from SM Baby Company. I’m talking about the first time I actually sat down and decided to buy a cloth diaper, bewildering new system and all.

I did not know the first thing about these newfangled diaper systems. I didn’t even know what kind of cloth diapers I bought from SM.

In any case, when I browsed through Fluffy Pwets’ catalog I was intrigued and oddly determined to try one, just one, for the Bear. I stumbled on the instagram account of Fluffy Pwets, a local brand making hybrid fitteds (HFs)and I saw a very familiar face in one of the photos. It turned out that the mompreneur behind Fluffy Pwets was my classmate in the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Law, Atty. Tina M. De Guzman and my friend on Facebook, as well.

The great thing about talking to Tina was that her love for cloth diapers was just infectious. I pored over hundreds of photos of different designs and wanted them all! It took me months, though, to figure out what separated hybrid fitteds from the rest, aside from the higher price point.

The first one I bought, FP rascals or a shirt and diaper set. went to my sister as a gift.

The next one I bought, my first, was for myself. I maxed out the upgrades – windpro fleece lining and elite soakers and boosters (even though I didn’t know what I was upgrading to at the time).

The shirt I had custom made while waiting for the matching shirt to this one. This is still my favorite - the sigils of the major houses in Game of Thrones. Diaper by fluffy pwets.
The shirt I had custom made while waiting for the matching shirt to this one. This is still my favorite – the sigils of the major houses in Game of Thrones. Diaper by fluffy pwets.

While waiting for the matching argyle shirt (which was unfortunately discontinued eventually), I bought plain white shirts from SM and had a custom design printed on them at T-shirt Planet. If you’re a GoT fan, you would probably recognize the reference to the Starks.

Soakers and boosters. Didn’t know what those were. It takes a lot of shopping and practice to figure it all out!


Tina explained that elite type of soakers (versus the default classic soakers) make the soakers relatively easier to put on and adjust according to the wearer’s needs. You can fold it any way you like based on what suits your baby best, I remembered her explaining to me.

The snaps were – still are, intimidating. (Between my husband and I, he puts on the HFs 95% of the time.) We had gotten used to just ripping off and discarding without giving it a second thought with disposables. This time though, the diaper was colorful and challenging to figure out, soakers and all.

lexi sentry sweet
As you can see we didn’t even know how to put one on properly when we first used it.

Over time, with continuous research and shopping (LOL), I eventually figured out FP’s system of soakers and boosters and kinds of fabrics. Instead of just a few diapers in rotation, we now have many to choose from, but each design my husband and I agreed upon (save for a few ninja orders on my end) with a matching shirt.

In those early days, though, we only had a few HFs and went into heavy rotation for night time use. Four months later – the inner color has faded and the super soft soakers are now stiff but a lot more absorbent. Still, it’s our go to diaper when we want heavy duty protection. The thing with some kinds of cloth diapers is that they get even better with age and time, and it’s always nice to see them grow on our babies.

I’ve amassed quite a collection since then, matching shirts and hybrid fitted diapers from Fluffy Pwets, a few HFs from other moms (Li’l Koala Bear, Butt Talks) and a lot of pocket diapers.

This is still my all-time favorite though. It has the most memories, too.

… So what’s your first diaper story? 🙂



5 thoughts on “Change is Coming: Do you still remember the first time?”

  1. I love this article. Thank you Anna! What makes this special is how you saw cloth diapering as a journey to the unknown, which you found to be fun and good for Lexi. Also, I love how this very first diaper has a story and has the most memories. Looking forward to more posts on your blog! Excellent writing! ❤️


    1. Thank you so much, Tina! 🙂 I almost picked the GoT diaper for the GCDC kanina kaya lang I figured, Pilipinas represent! So my heart went with Heneral Luna, tutal I devoted an entry to the GOT na 😀 Thank you rin, Tina, for getting me even more hooked because of the love, time and attention you give to your excellent products. Hehehe! 😀


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