On Crib Safety: How to Fortify with Style

We have a very playful and active 9 month old Bear. Even when she was a wee newborn, she already exhibited excellent head control and seems to have hit some milestones relatively early.

The playpen we bought for her a few months ago is too high for her to reach, straining her arms. On the other hand, we were loaned a big ol’ metal crib with a lot of family history behind it but with a very active Bear, the likelihood of hitting her head on the metal bars is high.

So Pimp Our Crib (And Make it Safe!) was born. Here’s a quick glimpse of the finished product:

Here’s the Bear looking like a boss.




Except for the storebought teething rail and crib beddings, pillows, the individual bars and foam cushion were custom-made.

We were at first inspired by the aluminum insulated foam my husband installed to protect my head from hitting the super high bed posts of our former 6 ft high bed. Daddy then bought lots of foam and we proceeded to wrap the foam around individual metal bars of the crib. Then realized the whole thing looked fugly and that the Bear would probably spend most of her time trying to pry off the packaging tape and stuff the foam in her mouth (oral fixation stage!).

Taking our cue from drool pads we came up with the idea of crib slipcovers. So we trudged to our neighborhood tailor and asked him to make a special batch of crib slipcovers for us, tailored to our specifications.

To be honest, we didn’t have that much selection in terms of fabric but this one was the nicest one that was soft but firm enough to hold its shape well (Japanese or China cotton, we were told).

This is what an individual crib bar cover looks like. The other side is secured by velcro and here’s the top fastened to the railing and secured by a button. It’s literally hook and loop. 🙂 The hook and loop makes it possible to secure the crib slip cover and keep it stable from eager little hands that will try to pry it off.

Cat in the corner not included LOL

The crib bar cover reinforces the inner foam tube we made and makes it prettier and less attractive for the bear to chew on.

It took us a bit longer to decide on the proper protection for the other sides of the crib. While there are narrow metal bars on the other side, covering them up individually was going to be more difficult with the narrower space between the metal bars.

4-inch foam cushion to protect the Bear from bumps and bruises.
4-inch foam cushion to protect the Bear from bumps and bruises.

We were also worried that the Bear might hit her head so we decided to reinforce the sides. We secured the services of an experienced upholstery guy who created the crib cushion for us. We chose blue, the closest shade that would match the crib bar slip covers.

The cushion is 4 inches thick and attaches to the crib through small velcro snaps at the back.


For the finishing touches, we just bought a cream colored teething rail from SM’s Baby Company. Underneath the teething rail, we used our remaining insulated foam. If we have extra time though, we might have it customized, too, to match the crib bar covers.


Double lawyer of protection – insulated foam under the teething rail

If we had the know how we’d DIY the cushion and covers but we’re glad we outsourced the work since the final product is quite nice.

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