Halloweening and Why The Tamago Sushi is the Best Costume Ever

This year, the Bear trick or treated three times at three separate Halloween themed events – from the office related one to a weekender at the local mini-mall and finally at a Star Wars themed  Halloween event at a hotel.

As for her Halloween look, it was fairly simple and surprisingly easy to put together… and not spooky at all! Meet little miss sushi!

For the following reasons, the tamago sushi costume is the best and most useful Halloween costume ever.

1.) It’s easy to put on that’s perfect  for a squirmy baby who easily and eagerly removes her ribbons, hats and all sorts of accessories. It’s just as easy to remove  – which is  convenient with an active Bear who sweats profusely in our humid tropical climate.

2.) It’s so lightweight baby doesn’t realize it’s actually following her around like a shadow.

3.) The tamago part doubles as a handy pillow when you need to change diapers.

4.) It also comes in handy when you want some soft reinforcement when baby is in a high chair.

5.) Looks just as cute on fat fluffy cats. (We had smaller versions made for our boys but only one of them is willing to wear it)

6.) It’s easy and safe for baby to model (in a costume parade) and might earn you a few oohs and aahs from other people when they recognize it.

7.) It comes in handy when dining in a Japanese restaurant and the chef needs an extra tamago to complete his order.


8.) In a totally different setting, will merit you a group photo with Japanese tourists.

We had the sushi costume made by our neighborhood tailor, For Him Tailoring by Fer, using supplies care of the Bear’s resourceful daddy –  Uratex mattress grade foam, yellow spandex (for the tamago) and black spandex (for the nori part). For Him Tailoring by Fer also made the Bear’s crib slipon covers.

Many thanks to the Internet for the idea and For Him Tailoring for making the costume for us!

How was your Halloween trick or treat?


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