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The Resurrection of the Nokia 3310 and Ten Reasons Why It Should Be Your Next MomPhone

The navy blue 3310 back in 2000 was all the rage. This is the 2017 version.

Depending on how old you were, before Apple and Samsung took over the mobile handset industry, back in the day, Nokia dominated them all and the Nokia 3310 was one of most sought after mobile phones in early 2000s. Back then, dressing up your 3310 was all the rage and people changed cases a lot, and enterprising phone technicians installed “backlight” and basically hacked into the phone to customize its look and features. HMD Global, the start up company that is licensed to make Nokia handsets, resurrected the 3310 this year in a very smart move to revive interest in the Nokia brand.

Well, if HMD Global had an ideal customer in mind, that was definitely me, the X-ennial buying into 80’s to 90’s nostalgia like it was the most precious commodity in the world. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I didn’t care about the price or what the phone did – I just wanted to relive the memory of being a college kid who felt really cool when she bought the 3310 with her hard earned money from part time work.

Strangers struck up a conversation with me (as well as my husband) while we were at the cash register  – how much, how cute, where did you buy it, etc. One even said her mom was looking for one – and I cautiously asked her how old her mom was. Out of curiosity I also asked the seller who usually buys the phone and she said, “halos matanda” (almost old people). My jaw dropped and I wondered if I counted as almost old so I asked her for a specific age range and she said in their early 50s. Well, I was only in college at the time so definitely I’m not that old yet.

Snake on light grey matte edition. There are two other colors but I’m not into glossy red and yellow.

Having no need for a second phone, I created new and necessary uses for it, and came back for the navy blue version the next day. I bought cheap prepaid SIMs from other networks, enrolled in a bunch of call and text promos and realized I may be spending way too much on my postpaid plan. After using it for the past week or so to call and text Smart/TNT/Sun numbers, I quickly rediscovered the convenience and beauty of a basic phone.  I see it as a MomPhone (or KidPhone) and I have no less than TEN reasons why it turned out to be a good buy.

Doodle Jump on the 3310 navy blue matte edition – the closest you’ll get to the original color.
  • It’s eye candy with a purpose. The Nokia 3310 takes the best elements from the original look, making it a standout among the boring old glass and metal of today –  it’s prettier than your basic feature phone plus it is refreshingly and unapologetically colorful and cute amid the nearly identical generic smart phones of today. Kids who were born long after the Nokia 3310 was in general circulation or who were too young to remember it love the design. I can attest to this, judging from the oohs and aahs of my husband’s nieces and nephews (one is even asking for one as a gift). Who wouldn’t, in this “screen size conquers all” kind of world?
  • Adults love it, too, especially those who were born around the same time I was. Snake is back! And a slightly modern version of the trademark Nokia jingle. I suspect that a number of us X-ennials bought into the whole nostalgia gimmick, too. No regrets here!
  • It’s a good and reliable second/first phone for kids. It will not be cluttered with games and selfies or questionable apps, for that matter. I doubt that kids would use it for web browsing either, but there is a built in Opera browser in case they do. Plus, thanks to its iconic design, they wouldn’t mind being seen in public using it.
  • It doesn’t have video. My soon to be toddler plays with it, too, and mercifully she can’t play 100+ videos of “Finger Family” on it. Plus, I’m wary of letting my kid have too much screen time at such a young age so if this phone is enough to entertain her, I’m more than happy with it.
  • It is durable – not as heavy as the original, but it can withstand a playful and impulsive toddler. To be safe though, I put mine in a case since I don’t want the exterior to be chipped by accidental or intentional drops.
  • Battery life lasts about 2 to 3 days without charging – based on my very unscientific assessment. I do know that my iPhone cannot make it through the night without being plugged in.
  • It’s a great second phone for me. When my phone was stolen, I was only so lucky that I had a pocket wifi and my iPad with me, which enabled me to contact my husband through Facebook Messenger. This lightweight, dual-SIM mobile is discreet and safe enough to commute with (unless the pickpocket loves the 3310, too).
  • It’s affordable – I got mine for P2490. Add to that a sturdy plastic case and a customized screen protector, and I spent about an additional P300 for it. There are plenty of cheaper basic phones or even smartphones out there, but none with this iconic look and functionality (battery life!). Back in 2000, I got mine for P8900.00 – very steep for a college student! I also spent even more on backlighting and all them fancy accessories, and changed cases a lot. (Note that you can’t change the phone case or shell unlike the original) Due to its popularity and limited stocks, the price fluctuates anywhere from P2500 to almost P4000.
  • For moms of toddlers who like mom’s smartphone a lot, a second phone will let you make that much needed call or send that important text. Because it’s colorful, it will be a welcome toy-looking distraction to your child.
  • The earphones are comfortable and decent. Since the baby Bear nearly ripped my stock iPhone earphones to pieces, the one that came with the 3310 has let me watch  Netflix on my phone again. I also used it all day without any issue.

Parenthetically, it’s got a bunch of other features you don’t really need – a 2 megapixel camera, some other games (like some racing games and Doodle Jump, but to be honest, I just want the monochrome Snake, to be honest), an expandable memory card slot, a music player and radio.

His and Hers. Sharing contacts via Bluetooth – didn’t work when I checked this morning. Boo!

Although there are many good reasons for getting a 3310, please manage your expectations. Fans are divided on the design – which I am personally fine with, but I think most dislike the version of Snake they installed. I can’t disagree with that. Other than that, please know that cases aren’t removable, the phone doesn’t feel as solid or sturdy as before (see clear plastic case on the navy blue version) and really, you can find cheaper “dumb” phones and smarter phones at the same price points.

However, if you are sentimental like this one, then you’ll check it out and end up buying the 3310 even for no reason at all!

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Oilbularyos, Unite! 5 Lessons from my First Essential Oils 101 Class

Last weekend was particularly hectic with the oath taking and induction of the new officers of the IBP Tarlac chapter (yay for us!), a dev pedia check up with Dr. Paula David and a free intro to essential oils class sponsored by a fellow schoolmate from UP Law,  Atty. Joyce Lara-Tioleco at her lovely home in San Fernando, Pampanga. Aside from Fluffy Pwets super mom Atty. Tina de Guzman in attendance to give tips and advice, Dr. Tina Langit-Bagro was our oily guru. 

Merienda before the start of class!

The ideal scenario for a newbie to EOs such as myself was to have attended class before jumping right in. Nonetheless, any information – especially medical related advice is helpful regardless of where you are in your  oiling journey. 
A Tale of Two Tina’s: Doc Tina (in black) and Atty Tina (in white)

The class was an opportunity to check out essential oils not in our standard kit and load up on roller bottl s, spray bottles, inserts and other goodies sold by The Oil Natural Project. In between yummy merinda we shared stories about how certain oils worked for us, traded tips and recipes.
Fina: Are you old enough to drive? How old are you? The Bear: Seven!
While us moms were in class, our wonderful and supportive husbands and super dads kept our bulilits busy. Joyce’s house is so beautiful (should be a separate blogpost!) with an amazing play area inside and outside that if I were a kid, I wouldn’t want to leave. In fact, the Bear refused to go home and kept going back to the playroom!

My random takeaways from my first EO class:

1. Essential oils are meant to complement and not act as substitute for medicine. Medicines are specifically designed to treat a particular ailment while EOs do not target specific body parts, organs or ailments. Thus, you can’t rely on EOs when you need to see a doctor. While there are plenty of anecdotes where EOs seem to work well enough without taking medicine but again, it’s still best to consult a doctor

2. The story behind Young Living’s most famous blend called “Thieves” – it is a reference to actual events during the Plague where grave robbers and thieves managed to steal belongings from the dead yet escaped death because they covered themselves in and protected themselves from the plague through essential oils.

3. Inhaling some Peppermint / Lemon oils or rubbing them on key parts of the body will wake you up and energize you when you are sleepy. Perfect to use on long drives or sleepy workdays!

4. Ingestion is a hotly contested topic because debates are raging on whether essential oils are too potent and therefore unsafe for consumption in one’s food or drink. Anyway, as Doc Tina said, many of reported ingestion related injuries occur because the person ingested too much and/or did not follow proper safety precautions. As always, I think it’s best to consult a doctor first before trying it on your own. This should also apply to all ways by which we interact with EOs, such as through diffusing or topical application. 

5. It’s not a coincidence that the moms there are breast feeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering and co-sleeping moms.  As Atty. Tina aptly put it, essential oils is part of the natural lifestyle she wants for her family and herself, so I guess I wasn’t surprised to see familiar names in the cloth diaper circuit into oiling as well. The progression is almost inevitable – based on my experience 😂

Thank you so much, oilbularyos! Hope to catch another class soon!