My Top 3 Hybrid Fitted Diapers (Made With Love) by Pinay Mompreneurs

We call them “cloth diapers” now because they are a prettier and fancier  – and more expensive version of the traditional lampin. They are easy to use (once you get over the daunting information available to you) and allow your baby to grow into them. While the initial outlay is expensive, cloth diapers are more colorful, fashionable, economical and environmentally friendly (versus disposable) in the long run. Read more about the benefits of cloth diapers here.

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In a Lizards shirt and diaper combo (FP rascals)


The Bear is turning 2 in a few months and I’m proud to say that while we are slowly trying to introduce her to potty training, her cloth diapers have served her well since Day 1 (a few weeks after she turned 3 months old) and she continues to wear them until she can use the potty on her own.

Now, before I proceed, I have a few disclaimers:

  1. I was not able to try all of the major ‘brands’ as recommended by other moms online, but I will list the ones that I have tried.
  2. The output of a baby increases as s/he gets older, as what I discovered. What worked when she was smaller is not the same now that she is more than a year old.
  3. I have only used pocket type diapers and hybrid fitteds so far, therefore I’m not familiar or knowledgeable about other cloth diapering systems. Pocket diapers are diapers with a plastic outer “shell” (or PUL in cloth diaper terminology) which means you stuff “inserts” to boost a diaper’s absorbency. Hybrid fitted diapers, on the other hand, can be distinguished from pocket types since the baby’s bottom is directly exposed to the soakers and boosters, while the outer shell is usually made of cotton materials, making it more ‘breathable’ than pocket type diapers.
  4. I think my recommendations will be more relevant to those looking into HFs as these are more expensive and varied.
  5. I consulted my husband on some of the criteria since he is the one who puts on the diapers and he has his own observations, too.
  6. Atty. Tina , the mompreneur behind Fluffy Pwets and I were classmates in Civil Procedure and Corporation Law at the University of the Philippines College of Law – although I only found out that she was behind FP when I saw her photo on instagram at an FP event. I consider her a friend and addiction enabler (LOL).
  7. Fritzie, the mompreneur behind the local arm of  Indonesian brand Cluebebe is a former colleague of my sister and a family friend. I also got to work with her many years ago on a marketing gig when I was still in college.
  8. I will not rank the pocket type diaper brands anymore since I found no significant differences in performance when it came to actual use. However, Cluebebe offers very thick and high quality inserts which you can even boost further since they also offer insert socks, which you can use to reinforce your pocket diapers.
  9. My goal here is to encourage fellow moms to support local WAHMs (work at home moms) by raising awareness of some good brands of locally made cloth diapers (Primm n Proper not considered when I made these lists) and other products. As many cloth diapering moms are very passionate about their preferences, I would like to emphasize, at the outset that it’s not A vs B vs C. Let’s support and love our mompreneurs and their various products.
  10. Mompreneurs on this list are constantly improving their techniques and upgrading the materials they use, so I may not be up to date on any design tweaks. Again, feel free to try as many brands as you to see what works for you and your baby.
In a Cluebebe tutu pocket diaper @ 4 months old

Also, this is by no means an exhaustive guide –  i know of other moms with bigger cloth diaper collections who will have a different ranking and set of criteria in mind.

Mompreneurs who want to clarify further why they are on the list or not on the list, or not ranked according to their expectations, feel free to email me. I do hope, however, that this post clearly articulates my own standards and preferences.

Based on my experience, let me share with you my favorite cloth diaper brands (specifically hybrid fitted diapers) and why I picked them.

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Halloweening and Why The Tamago Sushi is the Best Costume Ever

This year, the Bear trick or treated three times at three separate Halloween themed events – from the office related one to a weekender at the local mini-mall and finally at a Star Wars themed  Halloween event at a hotel.

As for her Halloween look, it was fairly simple and surprisingly easy to put together… and not spooky at all! Meet little miss sushi!

For the following reasons, the tamago sushi costume is the best and most useful Halloween costume ever.

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Growing Strong at 1: The Birthday Party is Coming

This is the Part Where You Think You’re Going to Be Different From Everyone Else But You End up Throwing a Party Anyway


“No fancy and expensive first birthday party that she won’t even remember,” I declared to my husband before the Bear was born, “let’s use the money instead for a trip to Japan, which she won’t remember either but will be a unique experience for a first birthday.”

We had it all planned out. We would not fall prey to the first birthday trap of going all out for a party the celebrator would not even remember. No pre-birthday studio pics. No stressful nights party planning and looking for a clown.


Now, in theory, it all sounded good. We would go against the norm, we would be rebels in our own way. We, a husband and wife team of introverts who prefer small groups of friends to big parties. But …

We realized soon enough that the Bear loves people. She draws her energy from interacting with big groupsShe loves parties. If you can imagine a pair of semi-introverts with the life of the party in tow, socializing the heck out of fastfood restaurants and parties, you’ll have an idea of how amazed we are at how easily she navigates social situations. When she eats, she has to be surrounded by a LOT of people, preferably clapping and cheering her on. We hear strangers react in amazement when she smiles and/or waves at them. Nowadays, she hardly stays at home – she hangs out with her cousins next door and only goes home to take a shower and nap.

She can’t stay cooped up at home for long – she will in no uncertain terms make her displeasure known and will throw a fit if you don’t take her someplace new. In fact, on our solo Sundays together, we have to bring her to densely populated places like fastfood restaurants and malls because she MUST see a lot of people, otherwise we will end up with a very grumpy and bored Bear.

So while her father and I are not really into big social gatherings, we ended up throwing a party for the one person who loves it the most.

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Change is Coming – One Cloth Diaper … All At the Same Time!

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2016 happened earlier today at 11:00 am, in designated areas all over the Philippines, in solidarity with the rest of the world.  It’s a worldwide event held every year to promote the use of cloth diapers which benefits the environment and the pocket, too. At a designated time, moms and dads all over the world then proceed to change their baby’s diaper.


It was our first time to join such an event and we picked the Cloth Diaper Addicts PH Pampanga leg (at Robinsons Starmills, Pampanga) which was nearest to us and the Bear who intensely dislikes long drives (and traffic!).

Picking out the Bear’s ‘outfits’ was the hardest part. I decided early in the morning before leaving for Robinsons. I figured that while waiting for the main event, showing off a frilly tutu would be nice.

Decked out in her frilly Cluebebe tutu while waiting for the change to start. 
The Bear enjoyed hanging out so much she attempted to invade the changing mat next to her. It wasn’t long before the actual change began, anyway, which meant Outfit #2.

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Change is Coming: Do you still remember the first time?

Countdown to the GCDC!

Three different packages arrived for me today. All cloth diapers, nearly 10 in all – Cluebebe and a long delayed shipment from QB. Some to be given as gifts, the rest for the Bear.

Ano pong dadalhin natin na diapers bukas?” J, our kasambahay and nanny asked me, referring to the Great Cloth Diaper Change happening tomorrow morning. I told her I will think about it. She took one look at the latest delivery, fluffmail in CD parlance, and added: “Lalabhan ko na ba po itong lahat?” I smiled, mentally counted the stack of cloth diapers in our cabinet and said there was no need, at least not yet.

First time to try Quigle Bum. Cluebebe (the sheep) in photo as well.

Maybe I have a bit too much already, I told myself, it’s time to slow down or stop. Ah, there was one more coming in the mail. Maybe in a week, maybe more. But before there was one too many, I only had one.

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Change is Coming: The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2016


The Bear loves her Fluffy Pwets

I write this post in time for this year’s GCDC, where I will join legions of moms all over the world who will all change our babies’ diapers simultaneously for the environment and to popularize the use of cloth diapers. (I will also blow a hole in my pocket when I acquire more diapers at the venue)



I’m new to cloth diapers, but cloth diapers per se are not new. Back in the olden days before disposable diapers became affordable, my parents and grandparents used lampin or cloth to mop up my poo and pee, wash and hang them to dry. Rinse and repeat. Then disposable diapers became a lot more affordable and easier to deal with – no need to see that poop explosion again. However, the lampins of old have been given a fresh and attractive new look, and have become an attractive alternative to disposables.

Cloth diapers are beneficial for some key reasons:

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The Ultimate List (Packing Your Hospital Bag and Stuff for Baby’s First Few Days)

This is a direct answer to a friend who asked me to share my what to pack for the hospital checklist. I know I’m months late and I hope you see this in time!

Checklist 101 by the bears; circa 2015 before our bear was born

The search for a comprehensive checklist was not an easy one. Most parenting sites are overwhelming and there may be some things that are culturally specific. So I asked friends to send me theirs, and started cramming.

Here’s my advice: don’t procrastinate! My poor husband was left to worry about a shitload of details when I gave birth even with our initial list. Plus, if you are new to this like we were, we didn’t know what a receiving blanket was or why we needed a ton of little square towels.

Everything in those first couple of hours being home alone with baby was bewildering and incomprehensible. Having learned from experience, I will do my best to provide comprehensive and practical advice.

The lists below should be helpful for moms who deliver via c-section, like in my case.

Checklist of hospital and baby things (Or What I should Have Prepared For Before Giving Birth and Maybe the First 72 Hours After.. Really!)

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